MSM Beauty Cream, 60ml

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MSM Beauty Cream, 60ml



  • Handmade, Vegan, Raw and Organic
  • Ingredients: Cacao Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, MSM, Frankincense essential oil, Myrrh essential oil
  • Ships worldwide from London, United Kingdom
  • Etsy Feedback: 3 reviews
  • Amazon Feedback: 2 reviews
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Do you suffer from Acne?

If so, our MSM Beauty Cream could be the perfect solution.

Even if you think that you have tried everything before…

With a decade behind it in creating results for 1000’s of customers around the world, we have taken this incredible MSM Cream formula and made it accessible to everyday sufferers who are looking for the perfect solution to their problem skin.

With a usage of at least 3 months, it combats acne with an aggressive approach so that toxins that have built up deep within your skin cells over time are evaporated, and quickly,

Not just an efficient acne, psoriasis and eczema eradicator, it then becomes a skin enriching and glow forming product, which customers will use daily to maintain healthy, optimal skin.


In other words, our MSM Cream isn’t just for problem skin, but to continually combat anti-aging and help create an everlasting youthful look and glow.

So how does it work?

If you have heard of MSM, you will know that it is a sulphur that serves the cells and functioning of the skin, triggering the healing mechanism within the cell’s own nucleus.

This MSM (methylsulphonylmethane) is 99.9% pure and a byproduct of the rapeseed oil industry. And when combined with specific natural ingredients, it becomes an agent for skin cell healing and repair; better known as MSM Cream.

Manufactured at low temperatures of less than 38 degrees with Raw Cacao Butter, with all the ingredients melted at a low heat together, you could call our MSM Cream raw.


As well as being handmade and sent to you in a frosted glass jar, every single MSM Face Cream is free from alcohol, parabens, toxins, sulphates and chemicals of any kind as well as being cruelty free, vegan and earth friendly.

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16 reviews for MSM Beauty Cream, 60ml

  1. I first bought a pot of MSM Beauty Cream several years ago and then lost track of your company because I was so caught up in my hectic life (not good!). So I bought a jar of the MSM Beauty Cream. When I opened the jar on the evening of receiving it, I’m not joking…, I was immediately blown away by the smell – I love it! I remembered how much I had liked it before and it smelt even better now! The product melts into your skin, the warm fragrance surrounds you and the next morning I looked well rested and smoothed. I used the product every evening for a week and completely noticed the difference – my face was less blotchy, less tired looking and plumped up – brilliant. I tested whether I was imagining it and did not take it on holiday to the States with me. When I returned, I was jet-lagged and fatigued. I opened the pot of MSM Beauty Cream, breathed in the fragrance and had a real, ‘aah’ moment! It took a couple of days for me to get back to a non-jet lagged state and now a week later, I’m looking healthy, well and plumped up!

  2. My skin has always been a nightmare until recently I’ve really understood what it needs. I was still trying to find the right products for me and then a ‘natural facialist’ recommended the MSM Cream. So I gave it a go. I’m just about near the end, and I have to say, I’m impressed… and I’m definitely buying again!
    Its lovely texture make it a pleasure to slap on before bed – I feel like my skin is well nourished and given a big drink. A little goes a long way – always a bonus! And it’s really tackled my pigmentation balance – scarring and pigment spots seem to have faded over the time.
    Despite having skin that can break out, this cream has managed well with that. If I do get some spots, a night of MSM cream appears to reduce any redness and help keep them under control.
    Really happy to have been introduced to your products and I’m sure I’ll be a long term customer!

  3. I had been suffering for a while with my eczema problem and had tried a few products already, which actually made it worse. Finding your MSM Cream has been the miracle cure which I now use every day. I can’t imagine life without it and I use it as a day and night cream which keeps my skin soft and supple.

  4. Since finding this wonderful MSM cream I simply will not use anything else on my face. My skin is much softer as a result of using regularly and past scars & blemishes have healed. I feel it nourishing my face and neck and notice it keeps me looking young and fresh as a daisy…. as well as smelling divine and edible! Thanks Pure Gaia!

  5. I have had very good results with the MSM Beauty Cream concerning dry and sore skin around my ears. Since I have been using the cream the skin has healed and there is no cracked skin there anymore. I have decided that it is the best cream for dry skin that I have come across so far, as it deeply nourishes the skin and does not irritate. I have very sensitive skin so I have to be very careful with my choice of beauty products. So I am pleased that I have at last found a sound product that I can trust.

  6. My wife bought the MSM Beauty Cream for herself, but she suggested using the MSM cream for my scars. I had burns when I was a child and although they partially healed they left marks that were still noticeable and I would get embarrassed when people asked what happened to me. After applying the cream my skin is a lot less patchy and the marks have faded. Thank you.

  7. I haven’t got a skin condition but I LOVE your MSM beauty cream – it’s amazing stuff and I was just recommending it to someone in San Francisco!

  8. I take your MSM Beauty Cream everywhere! I have very sensitive skin, caused by an overgrowth of Candida, and cannot stand anything that has chemicals in, so using the MSM cream was a joy for me. What did it do for me? Well, it made my skin feel nourished, it calmed my mind – I adore the scent of frankincense and it made the thread veins I had on my cheeks disappear! Thank you MSM Beauty Cream – you truly are magical!

  9. MSM is a marvellous product which has done the most wonders for me internally. I feel totally new from the inside and externally it has worked miracles. The other day I was attending my sister’s birthday party and as I came in she was busy in the kitchen and she looked up at me and said “you are glowing – it’s your skin”. And it’s true, thanks to MSM.

  10. I have been searching for years for the perfect face moisturiser and I’ve finally found it! I love the MSM Beauty Cream, as well as the Hemp Heaven Moisturiser. My skin is being transformed every day I wear it. It is great for wearing under my mineral make-up because the oil base has a gentle adhesive effect. Pure Gaia products are worth every penny!

  11. I recently discovered Pure Gaia after searching for natural raw skincare. After only one week of using the MSM Beauty Cream I am so impressed that I know I simply cannot run out of this now! It has made my skin softer and more hydrated and I can’t wait to see longer term benefits from this. I can’t wait to try more of the products Pure Gaia has to offer, knowing that I am feeding my skin all the best nutrients possible. Thank you Pure Gaia.

  12. I had been looking for the perfect moisturiser for a long time until I came across Pure Gaia’s MSM Beauty Cream. I have acne prone skin and also had a couple of pigmentation spots on my face, so my dermatologist advised me to try a product containing MSM. This is why I decided to try MSM Beauty Cream from Pure Gaia and I was not disappointed. Quite the opposite! After a few months of application my skin became much clearer and the pigmentation visibly faded. In addition to that it has an amazing melting texture which makes my skin really glow and it has a beautiful smell too. I’m totally hooked on it now and wouldn’t swap it for anything else. Thank you for your wonderful product.

  13. I love your MSM Beauty Cream. I have only used it for a week but I like it so much that am going to order some of your other products.
    The texture and the smell is so lovely. It’s really a little treat. I am so happy to discover a brand that is using cold-pressed oil – stuff your skin can actually use!

  14. I’m happy to write that your MSM Beauty Cream is absolutely fantastic! It literally melts into the skin and only a very small amount is needed. Moreover, it’s helping me in the solution of a problem. A year ago pink patches appeared on my abdomen and I was diagnosed with Pityriasis Rosea Gibert. The doctor told me the patches were going to disappear soon and gave me a cream to put on. They didn’t disappear and the cream seemed to worsen the rash. Only a few months ago I started to take MSM supplement and something began to change. So I looked for an MSM cream to put on locally and I found yours. Now the patches are disappearing faster and I can only thank you from my heart! In addition the cream has a wonderful perfume and since I use it on my face too, my skin is much better. The packaging with small dry rosebuds is an unexpected surprise that adds value to your products. Thank you so much!

  15. I have suffered from eczema for 16 years and a recent flare up of six months where everything I tried on my face wouldn’t work meant I was giving up hope. The MSM Beauty Cream was wonderful. Soothing and moisturising, it is wonderful to apply. I noticed the difference straight away and within a few days my skin had gone back to normal. No more redness and itchiness or dry at all. It was a miracle and has been wonderful ever since. It even lasts for ages and I will not be removing this from my daily routine. Thank you Pure Gaia!”

  16. When one has problematic sensitive combination skin it is difficult to find a facial moisturiser that does what it is supposed to without incorporating harmful chemicals. So it was with great relief that I came across Pure Gaia. I turned to the MSM Beauty Cream based on its properties and the customer feedback. After using it nightly since the 19th of July 2013, there is an appreciable difference to my skin. With this product, my skin is not only being moisturised effectively throughout the day (and a little longer than that, besides!) but it is also being restored to the smooth, supple and radiant glow of health.

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