Floral Rejuvenating Cream, 60 ml

Floral Rejuvenating Cream, 60 ml



  • Handmade, Raw, Vegan and Natural
  • Ingredients: Raw Cacao Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Rosehip Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential oil
  • Ships worldwide from London, United Kingdom
  • Feedback: 7 reviews
  • Favourited by: 46 people


Would you like to re-balance dry skin while your skin drinks from the fountain of youth?

This skin-flourishing anti-aging balm is perfect for those looking to slow down the aging process while delighting in re-balancing their dry skin.

Combining revitalising Rosehip & Geranium, this hydrating and gentle moisturiser is ideal for both generating and maintaining a healthy, youthful and Goddess worthy look.

Also with melted Raw Cacao Butter and Ylang ylang to nourish the skin, restore elasticity and protect the skin from harsh weather, this jar of fresh floral goodness is a delight to all who decide to absorb this into their skin, providing much needed moisture and skin drenching nutrients.

Having been on the market for 10 years now, this is a unique formula that has worked for 1000’s of customers worldwide, and since a little goes a long way, it does well to maintain it’s heavenly aroma up until you use the last scoop.

As well as being handmade and sent to you in a frosted glass jar, every single Floral Rejuvenating Cream is free from alcohol, parabens, toxins, sulphates and chemicals of any kind as well as being cruelty free, vegan and earth friendly.

This almost good enough to eat handmade moisturiser is also manufactured at low temperatures below 38 degrees which means it is ‘raw’ as well as organic.

This powerful cream lasts a long time and can provide as many as up to 70 uses which means more than 2 months of high quality face care. Presented in a thick, clear frosted glass jar with aluminium lid, it is advised to store the product in a cool place, at or below room temperature for maximum preservation.

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5 reviews for Floral Rejuvenating Cream, 60 ml

  1. A smooth delight into your pores..a satisfied smile on your face.. love it ♡

  2. Divine natural moisturiser. Skin is soft & glows, non greasy. Highly recommended. Will definitely order other products from seller. Cute handmade packaging makes it extra special!

  3. I recently bought your Lavender Floral Water and the Floral Rejuvenating Cream. They are wonderful and I’m about to buy some more, having had it pinched and pilfered by the rest of my family. Since using them, 4 strangers on separate occasions have been surprised by my age and commented that I look younger than my 38 years by as much as 10 years! What is sure is that my skin looks firmer, fuller and more refreshed after using them and that is quite some feat with a 6 year old and a non-sleeping 2 year old.

  4. I’ve been using the Raw Gaia Floral Rejuvenating Cream for the last three months. I’ve also been adding one teaspoon of MSM powder to my morning shake that I normally mix with juice, banana, spirulina, barley grass and a couple of other superfoods. This altogether makes my skin look fantastic. The mix of beauty-makers from the inside and out is something I can’t live without. Thanks for this possibility!

  5. I’d really tried everything to fix my dry skin and did not dare to hope much from this product. It is the first thing that’s actually been working and my skin is getting so much better! It’s clearer, smoother and simply healthier. Just love the Floral Rejuvenating Cream and apparently my skin does too!

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