About Puregaia

Pure Gaia is founded on the principles of nature and of Gaia; Mother Earth, who in her good graces, has granted us the gift of skin purity. We have captured those gifts in our 6 different Moisturisers which all work to heal, replenish and hydrate the skin so that we help make our customers look and feel like Gods and Goddesses.


Selling on Etsy.com, we are setting the standard for 100% natural, 100% vegan, 100% raw and 100% handmade.


We won’t compromise on our values and our desire to awaken the Gods and Goddesses in others, and because like our products, our thinking behind our brand is so fresh, we invite you to learn more by reading these posts and understanding the values and “tried and tested” lifestyle choices that makes Pure Gaia more than just a skincare brand, but a lifestyle one.


We don’t just inspire the skin to life, but the body and soul!